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Captain Janeway decides it's time to set some new parameters in her relationship with Chakotay. Thirty Days For Tom January 2000 PG-13: When Captain Janeway strips Tom Paris of his rank and relegates him to 30 days in the Brig, he isn't the only one suffering. Geschichten und Texte zu Raumschiff Voyager - Star Trek - TV-Serien - Fanfiction Seite 1. B'Elanna Torres Chakotay Kathryn Janeway Lieutenant Ayala Naomi Wildman Seven of Nine. Alle weiblichen Crewmitglieder außer Naomi und Seven werden von einem Virus infiziert.

Troi and Riker. Paris and Torres. Worf and Dax. Janeway and Chakotay. Wait, Janeway and Chakotay? Yes sort of. It’s the relationship that’s been the topic of an endless stream of discussion—and fan fiction—since the mid-1990s. 05/10/2015 · "Not big enough.". This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. 05/10/2015 · Someone please make me understand why they did not end up together in Endgame. Janeway contemplates her relationship with her first officer. This is a response from Janeway’s point of view to KJaneway115’s story “The Last Straw,” which is Chakotay’s point of view her story is available on FFN. The spoken lines at the end come from her story with permission. 15/11/2006 · In the books now, Janeway and Chakotay are together.After she had been killed and brought back by Q Junior. The person who wanted her to stay dead left Pocket Books. And in the Myriad Universes book, she is with Chakotay and pregnant with a baby girl. So fans work paid off to have her brought back, but with a perk, being with Chakotay.

Find the hottest janeway stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about janeway on Wattpad. Fandom. While the pairing had strong implications of existing in canon very early in the series with an episode, "Resolutions" in which Janeway and Chakotay were abandoned together on a planet with little sign of rescue, was soon relegated to nothing more than the imaginations of the fans with little on-screen sign of the relationship developing. Kathryn e Chakotay estão isolados em um planeta, sem esperanças de um dia votar para casa.Após alguns acontecimentos, a sorte muda e eles conseguem retornar para a Voyager. Mas antigos inimigos estão prontos para destruí-los. kj's j/c fanfiction janeway & chakotay: chakotay: kathryn & welcome to my page dedicated to the relationship between voyager's commanding officers who are destined to be together with or without the blessings of paramount.

  1. Disclaimer: I own nothing of Janeway and Chakotay Nope still don't own them. Disclaimer: I own nothing of Janeway and Chakotay. Nope still don't own them. Janeway sat on the bridge staring at the main screen watching the stars streak by. This had to be another dull part of the Delta Quadrant. Chakotay was next to her like he always did.
  2. Disclaimer: I own nothing of Janeway and Chakotay Nope still don't own them. Janeway sat in her ready room with a fresh cup of coffee. Starting out her morning with reports and coffee had a fresh headache starting to brew in her temples but she kept at it and soon she was down to.
  3. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

07/02/2011 · Admiral Janeway returns to Voyager's past to tell her younger self to listen to her heart and to not let Chakotay go. Will she listen? 01/10/2017 · Steve, after our last JC discussions, I had to let Kathryn speak: It could have happened lots of ways. But this is the way it happened. This is the path we took. This is our story. P. S. I still love you. Song: Suns and stars, Really slow motion. If you have any or would like to recommend some to me, just click on the 'Submissions' link above and drop me an email. I'll accept all ratings from G to NC-17 inc; the only proviso is that they must be Janeway/Chakotay in nature and that one, or both, must get wet/soaked with water at some point. Chakotay was a 24th century Human Starfleet officer and former Maquis member, best known as first officer under Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the USS Voyager. Before serving as Voyager's first officer, he had resigned from Starfleet after years of service in order to join the Maquis to defend.

  1. Mary S's FanFiction Marauder-In-Disguise Megara79's Page Mia Cooper's Stories 'Missing In Action' Authors from The JetC Index MissyHissy3's Stories MizVoy's FanFic Morgan's J/C Stories Muizeke83's Page The Sound of Myu-Fic. N New Earth, Janeway & Chakotay's Paradise, by Kathryn J Nova D's Mistress Janeway Nyah's Page Nynaeve's Page. O.
  2. Chakotay's Revenge or J/Cers Finally Enjoy The Show A bit of insanity in response to the rumour of the ep where Seven uses holographic Chakotay to explore her heterosexuality. R No One Knows But You A trading mission ends with Janeway and Chakotay getting more than they bargained for.
  3. Chakotay whispered something in her ear. The girl immediately ran inside, and in record time, came back out dragging her grandmother behind her. “What did you tell her, Chakotay?” “O, nothing important.” “You know, I could still order you to tell me, so” Before she got her answer, Chakotay was already walking up to Gretchen Janeway.
  4. Find the hottest chakotay stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about chakotay on Wattpad.

Janeway x Chakotay Kathryn Janeway Chakotay VOY star trek: Voyager my gifs laurie gifs trek laurie gifs voyager laurie gifs jc ok but this HAS to be them being all domestic after he spent the night in her quarters I won't believe otherwise look at all the flirting. Fanfiction de Star Trek. Resolution. Os momentos finais de Chakotay e Janeway na New Earth. 17/05/2013 · Chakotay and Janeway. well would be a decent enough match, though it would be quite obvious who's wearing the pants in that relationship. Really one of Voyager's main weaknesses was they seemed so sensitive about the concept of a female captain, that they go to great lengths not to seemingly undermine her authority, that they just end up making the character a parody in so many ways. CHAPTER 8 Chakotay sampled a dab of protein paste and grimaced. It resembled old, plain oatmeal, congealed and devoid of flavor. Chakotay took a moment to gird himself, then he picked up the tube of paste and squeezed its contents directly into his mouth.

Speculation on one possible way Voyager could end. Mainly about Janeway, and how she reacts to the prospect of getting home at last. Some Janeway/Chakotay relationship stuff; the inevitable consequences of realising they are about to leave Voyager. Welcome to the Janeway/Chakotay Photo Prompt Fic Fest! I’ve got a whole bunch of great photos that will hopefully prompt lots of great stories! Some Manips, some screencaps, some landscapes; all of the photos are begging for stories to be told around them! star trek voyager subroutines by loran wlodarski runetodda@ star trek: voyager subroutines cast speaking janeway chakotay tuvok paris kim neelix torres the doctor seven of nine ensign helmsman computer non-speaking crewmembers sets interiors uss voyager mess hall bridge shuttlebay astrometrics main engineering sickbay corridors. Chakotay's inclusion in the main cast of Voyager was seen by critics as one of several who were used to highlight the diversity within the series. This was highlighted during the episode "Faces", in which one scene showed Janeway, Tuvok, Harry Kim, and Chakotay in a single camera pan.

12. IT CUTS BOTH WAYS. NC17 Tired of waiting for Kathryn, Chakotay pulls out of her life. Kathryn struggles by on her own and Chakotay regrets his decision but before he can do anything, Kathryn is arrested for murder on an alien planet and sentenced to be executed.

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